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Health Informatics Equity Lab's 
Patient-Public-Provider Involvement and Engagement (HIE PIE) Advisory

What is the HIE PIE?

HIE PIE Advisory are core members of the HIE Lab and guide our program of research. Our goal in working together is to ensure that research being conducted by the HIE Lab are relevant to patients and the public and reflect the priorities and values of real people impacted by health technologies.

Who are the HIE PIE Advisory?

HIE PIE Advisory members are patients, family members, caregivers, care providers, and health systems operations stakeholders who have interest in the use of health technologies and are willing to share their experiences.

What do the HIE PIE Advisory do?

Members are actively involved in advising and guiding the HIE Lab's development of research questions, priorities, projects, and creative ways that research should be shared with relevant audiences. Members help to identify relevant and impactful target audiences who we should share our study results with.

Why get involved?

Being a member of HIE PIE provides opportunities and resources to ensure that your voice is represented in health technology research - this isn't very well done, currently. As a member of the HIE PIE, we commit to supporting you to:

  • engage in health and social care research where you can influence the direction of research

  • identify the most important outcomes for the various groups and stakeholders involved and potentially impacted by a study

  • have a voice in ensuring that research is conducted ethically and with respect

  • share the identities, communities, and perspectives that are not well represented in research

  • develop research skills that align with your interests and can support your hands-on participation in research studies (if you wish)

Current healthcare provider members

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Betty DaSilva

Registered Nurse
Profile coming soon!


Nicole Ketter

Research Assistant

Nicole is a MSc in rehabilitation science student at UBC. She is interested in developing her knowledge about the role artificial intelligence in health care. Outside of the lab, Nicole enjoys getting out for a hike or swim with her dog.


Ruinan Jin

Research Assistant

Ruinan is curretly undergraduate CS student. He's interested in exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in fields of computer vision and privacy.


Sharon Ilesanmi

Research Assistant

Sharon recently graduated from the UBC Okanagan Nursing program. She is interested in artificial intelligence and the role that it plays within the Nursing profession. She hopes to create a positive impact on equity and access to equitable services through her work.


Vanessa Lo

Research Assistant / BSN Y4 research preceptorship

Vanessa is a fourth-year nursing student passionate about medical device development and integrating digital technologies into healthcare. She is also interested in working with vulnerable populations to minimize health disparities so that more equitable care can be provided to all members of the community. During her free time, Vanessa enjoys going cafe hopping, eating dessert with friends, singing, and listening to true crime podcasts.

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