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News & Talks

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08/23] Two new publications. In JAMIA: Evaluating the Representation of Disaster Hazards in SNOMED CT: Gaps and Opportunities; and ii) Differing Effects of Implementation Leadership Characteristics on Nurses’ Use of mHealth Technologies in Clinical Practice: Cross-Sectional Survey Study in JMIR Nursing.

[08/23] Charlene and the NAIL Collaborative are awarded the Artificial Intelligence Journal (Elsevier): Funding for Promoting AI Research to host the workshop entitled "Setting the Research Agenda: A Workshop on the Ethical, Social, and Legal Implications of Using Generative AI in Healthcare."

[07/23] Sharon, Nicole, and Charlene give 5 presentations at CNIA 2023 (Calgary, AB) and at the International Council of Nurses Congress 2023 (Montreal, QC).

[07/23] Charlene starts parental leave and things will slow down for the next year :)

[06/23] Charlene and Dr. Xiaoxiao Li are awarded the University of British Columbia (UBC) - Collaborative Research Mobility Award to support collaboration across the UBC Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

[06/23] Our team is awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Insight Development Grant.

[05/23] Charlene receives the 2023 UBC School of Nursing Recent Alumni Award

[05/23] Charlene and the NAIL Collaborative receive support from Fondation Brocher (Hermance, Switzerland) to host the "Embedding nursing expertise in artificial intelligence-based health technology development" workshop in November 2024. 

[04/23] To kick off the UBC DASH Cluster AI Meets Ethics series, Charlene gives an invited talk entitled "Health data foundations and equitable AI."


[04/23] We have established our HIE PIE Advisory committee! Stay tuned for developments :) 

[03/23] CALL FOR PAPERS OPEN: The NAIL Collaborative are organizing the 2nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Nursing (AINurse23) on June 15th, co-located with the 21st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2023) - See you in Portoroz, Slovenia! Submit your paper by April 8th. 


[03/23] 2 presentations at the 2023 UBCO ISHC Conference

[02/23] 4 abstracts are accepted to CNIA 2023 in June

[01/23] 2 abstracts are accepted to ICN 2023 Congress in July

[12/22] Our team is awarded a UBC HIFI award for the project entitled "Designing and developing a cost-effective, immersive-technology based veinfinding device to solve difficult intravenous access in healthcare settings." Congratulations Vanessa, Rohith, and Ammar!

[11/22] Charlene visits collaborators and colleagues at Columbia University and the Visiting Service of New York.

[11/22] Our team is awarded a UBC Hampton Fund Research Grant.

[11/22] Charlene is recognized as a 2022 Emerging Women Leader in Digital Health by Digital Health Canada.

[10/22] We receive operational approval for data transfer from VCH!

[09/22] Charlene is awarded a 2022 AMS Healthcare Fellowship in Compassion and Artificial Intelligence.

[09/22] We secured MURPH funding for two projects

[09/22] Welcome to our new team members: Vanessa and Ammar!

Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications, check my Google Scholar profile.

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