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Working with me

I welcome inquiries from health authorities, health systems stakeholders, NGOs, communities/community-organizations, and industry interested in health equity and health technologies to email me, if you would like to work together.


Across all levels of collaboration and supervision, I especially encourage applicants from underrepresented groups in nursing research and academia to apply to work with me.

If you have a non-traditional academic background, let's chat.

  • Funded positions will be advertised on this website.

  • Postdocs/Visiting Scholars: Local and remote collaborations are welcomed, please email me.

  • Graduate students:  I do not supervise graduate students whose work are outside of my program of research (digital health equity, health informatics, artificial intelligence, nursing) and I do not agree to supervise students without an interview. Please note that admission decisions are not made before seeing your application in the system.

  • Prospective PhD Students: 

    • You should have a foundational understanding of nursing/health informatics (courses or work experience), already obtained a Master’s degree in nursing, health informatics, or a related field, and published at least one peer-reviewed paper in a nursing or health informatics journal OR produced a professional health informatics document (e.g., project plans, evaluations, etc.)

    • Prospective students who do not meet the above requirements should be willing to complete preparatory work prior to starting their program (e.g., diploma, course, or MOOCs in health/nursing informatics will be considered).

    • I will usually have an interview with promising candidates.

  • Prospective Masters Students: Thesis-stream MSN students are encouraged to contact me if you plan to name me as a supervisor on your application. I will usually have an interview with promising candidates. Course-stream MSN students with well-delineated capstone project plans related to health technologies are also encouraged to contact me for supervision.

  • Graduate student funding: 

    • Effective September 2021, all eligible full-time current or incoming UBC students (domestic and international) in PhD programs of the Okanagan campus will be provided with a minimum funding package equal to $20,000 for each of the first four years of a PhD and expected to increase to $22,000 per year effective September 2023. Please see the UBC website for details.

    • I am happy to discuss additional and self-funding arrangements (for Masters thesis-stream students) and to help students develop studentships applications to funding bodies (e.g. CIHR, SSHRC, Canadian Nurses Foundation, Sigma Theta, Tau). A list of funding opportunities compiled by UBCO College of Graduate Studies can be found on their website.

  • Undergraduate RAs/Interns: I occasionally offer funded research internships to undergraduate students. Undergraduate students looking to gain research experience as a volunteer RA are welcome to email me, but please note that positions are limited.

  • Regardless of position, if you want to work with me as a trainee, please make sure to include the following in your email (no more than a couple of paragraphs please):

    • ​a short description of which previous/current project or recent paper caught your interest and why

    • your background in health or nursing informatics (required for PhD applicants)

    • the research question(s) you are interested in and how these align with my areas of expertise

    • any relevant background to support your proposed research direction

    • your CV and copy of a recent publication or research paper (if applicable)

    • please put "[HIE!Lab]" in your subject line, to help me notice your email and show that you read through this website

  • Due to the large number of emails I receive, supervision inquiries that do not follow the above instructions may not receive a response.

  • I *highly* encourage all potential grad students to watch Dr. Sarah Nadi's excellent video on preparing a graduate school application and contacting potential supervisors BEFORE contacting me (or any other potential supervisors).

Current Opportunities

2023 Intake: Currently recruiting graduate students for thesis-stream MSN (Nursing), MA (Global Studies Specialty in Interdisciplinary Studies Program), and PhD students (Nursing and IGS).